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Posted on December 16, 2013 – 01:20 am

More proof Michael Jackson is still alive and faked his death. Proof is clear that indeed, Michael Jackson, declared dead on June 25, is still alive. The Chicago Tribune released a video that made it to YouTube, which is the first solid evidence that Michael Jackson is still alive. The video shows the King of Pop exiting the back of an ambulance, at what appears to be the back entrance of some location, reportedly the coroner's office. A man in black opens the ambulance door and Michael Jackson springs out, but quickly assumes his trademark hunched posture. The other figure promptly puts a hand on Michael Jackson's back and escorts him through a door. The smaller of the two figures, the one who exited the back of the ambulance, looks a lot like how the King of Pop would look, if videotaped from the same angle, so this definitely counts as proof that Michael Jackson is still living.

Proof #1 why Michael Jackson may still be alive: In this video, the man exiting the back of the ambulance looks like how Michael Jackson would look under the same circumstance, even though the footage is very grainy and unfocused.

Evidence #2 why Michael Jackson could still be living: Faking his death would get him out of over $400 million in debt. Never mind that for the past many years, the King of Pop has been getting out of debt anyways, by simply not paying it.

Proof #3 why Michael Jackson might still be alive: He had enough money to concoct and mastermind an elaborate scheme that would involve several physicians including Conrad Murray, household staff, the entire L.A. police department, homicide detectives, the coroner's office, the entire concert tour production entourage, and everyone else involved in the investigation of Michael Jackson's death. When you have enough money, you can pull off anything.

Evidence #4 why Michael Jackson is still alive: He has trained his children to be superb actors, especially Paris. She was coached to give her tearful, moving speech at her father's funeral reception. Not only that, but the King of Pop's entire family was in on the hoax to fake his death, including abusive, greedy father Joe; subservient, frail Katherine; Janet and even Jermaine. However, guests at his funeral, such as Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson, were not in on the hoax because the King of Pop wanted some realism at the funeral reception.

Evidence #5 Michael Jackson is still alive: Why not? After all, Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive! And besides, the video of the King of Pop exiting the ambulance just happens to ironically zoom in on the license plate, after the two men go through the door. This is because, at the time the video was shot, the person taking the video had a premonition that eventually, there'd have to be proof that Michael Jackson was still alive, and what better evidence than matching license plates to the actual ambulance that took the King of Pop to the coroner's office?

Note: For those dense amongst us, this article was a complete hoax.


Ever since Michael Jackson died I am no longer

2009-07-14 18:31:26 by cybergirl2

Open to believing or accepting the character assisinations of people in the media. I mean, the media think that they can vilify anyone and mistreat them. It is such a sham and a scam just to get you to watch their stations or buy news papers.
I believe that the media partly responsible for Michael Jackson's death. I never belived that MJ was guilty of any wrong doing but the way the press went after him was heartless and caused him to get more addicted to drugs and eventually lead to his untimely death.

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